CopyRules - some wisdom for devs

Saturday August 22nd 2020 by SocraticDev

I find Rule 4 to be inspiring!


Copy engineering rules for programmers:D

Rule 0:

If you are copying a piece of code, copy whole of it!

Rule 1:

Remember where you have copied a code from, you're going to need it!

Rule 2:

Improve copy engineering society with copying(!) a rule.

Rule 3:

While copying, do it right. your copy may be copied sometimes later.

Rule 4:

If you have 10 days for copying a piece of code, devote 9 days of it to searching.

Rule 5:

Do not be disappointed. There is always something to copy.

Rule 6:

Before copying a code, first read all the comments in it (if there was any!).

Rule 7:

Explore new tools! Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are not the only tools, for example choose a good clipboard manager

Rule 8:

If you happen to find more than one piece of code, use whichever has the lower performance! Because when you want to update your software you could use the one with the higher performance!

Rule 9:

Don't repeat yourself(DRY), Copy yourself!

Rule 10:

If you can't analyse or optimize it, copy it! (distorted source)

Rule 11:

Always trust copy! When you copy something working and its not work after copying, do not blame copy, blame yourself because of incomplete copy!

Source :

Vahid Kharazi "awesome-copy-rules"