Neuromancer, part 1

Friday May 27th 2022 by SocraticDev

"Case was the sharpest data thief in the Matrix, until an ex-employer crippled his nervous system. Now a new employer has recruited him for a last-chance run against an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence."

chapter one

Main protagonist of William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, Case hits rock bottom in a lawless urban area in futuristic Japan. He learns someone wants to kill him for unpaid debts and all hell breaks loose. After getting high on a stimulant named "Dex", Case acquires a baton and rents a pistol and bullets to defend himself.

In chapter 1 of Neuromancer, we are introduced to a nervous cyberspace cowboy who has nothing to loose. It's unclear if this main character is looking to get rid of Wage, the man who allegedly wants to kill him, or if he's just randomly trying to escape someone covertly following him thru this dangerous neighborhood.

Chapter 1 begins and ends at a comfortable bar called "Chat". After a crazy escape from an industrial/office building, Case finally gets to confront Wage at the bar. Under the protection of the bartender holding a riot gun to Wage's face, Case and Wage settles their dispute.

Chapter 1 really ends at Case's temporary home: the Cheap hotel. There he rents a coffin-sized room on a weekly basis. Noticing the lock had been tempered with, thinking it is most likely a sign of his ex-girlfriend Linda's visit, he nevertheless gets back into his cell. He is welcomed by the "pepperbox muzzle of a flechette pistol". He meets Molly, a hired bodyguard tasked to bring back Case to her Employer. He wont argue with this surgically improved woman who has grey mirrors for eyes and whose nails are ten retractable scalpel knives.

chapter two

getting healthy

Case gets his nerve damages fixed and a new pancreas. Molly escorts Case to a Chiba's clinic where Case gets put under anesthesia:

  • blood got replaced
  • pancreas got patched
  • lots of injections to cure his nerve damages

Before surgery, Case got to meet Armitage: his new Employer. Armitage flexing his military past convinces Case to quit his struggle in Japan's Night City to start working as a jockey again. Before moving back to the Sprawl, Armitage will provide Case the health treatment he first came to Chiba to look for.

"Like he's gonna pay these nerve boys for fixing you with the program he's giving them to tell them how to do it. He'll put them three years ahead of the competition. You got any idea what that's worth?" Molly to Case

saying goodbye

Case insists on meeting Julie again before leaving Japan for good. Julius Dean, aka Julie, is a 135 year old traffiker who entertains a paradoxal relationship with Case. Julie provides informations about Armitage to Case. These informations confirms Armitage's identity. However, it becomes clear by the end of this chapter that Julie is all business. Ready to kill a friend's friend to save a bit of money and effort...

Chapter 2 ends at a venue where a knife fight gala is underway. The fight fascinates Molly but bores Case.

Case escapes the show by going to the food stall to get food and drinks. Returning to his seat, he sees Linda (ex-girlfriend) and tries to run to her. But he gets tripped and falls. He gets attacked by a "thin boy" with "spiked blond hair". Alas his bodyguard Molly was looking out for him and sends an array of flechettes to the boy to save Case.

Walking back, Case looks down and sees Linda. "She was thrown down at the foot of a concrete pillar, eyes closed".

Molly explained that his only "friend" left at Night City, Julie, had ordered the execution.