so you are #opentowork?

Saturday March 9th 2024 by socraticDev

After Elon Musk started laying off people at Twitter in late 2022, tech workers are slowly going through the different stages of dealing with it. The job market opening up to remote work and big companies being a bit more careful with spending has made it tougher for people looking for jobs. It's harder than what the new generation was used to.

divide and conquer

From a developer's perspective, regardless of their skill level or experience, the quest for a new challenge remains consistent.

I suggest job seekers break down their strategy into two steps. The initial goal is to land an interview. The subsequent goal is to secure an offer.

secure an interview

The first hurdle to overcome is landing a job interview with an organization that interests you.

Admittedly, it's not easy because:

  • If it's a remote-friendly position, instead of competing only with people in your local area, you're now up against candidates from all over the country.
  • There are fewer job openings in 2024 compared to previous years.
  • Many individuals with similar skills are showing up for the same role.

Paradoxically, being savvy, you can turn this situation to your advantage:

  • Expand your search to companies located miles away from your current residence.
  • Invest more energy in each application: research the company thoroughly, scrutinize the role description, and tailor your resume accordingly.
  • Utilize all available resources to stand out from others showing up for the same role by showcasing your expertise in related activities such as:
    • Teaching computer science part-time
    • Contributing to open-source projects
    • Keeping a record of your major contributions in previous jobs
    • Maintaining a regular blog, publishing videos on YouTube, or hosting a podcast

Someone contacts you for an initial interview? Remember, your goal is to secure a job interview! Be prepared to:

  • Summarize your career in a few sentences.
  • Explain why you are currently job hunting.
  • Highlight why you are interested in their company.
  • Avoid immediately discussing your salary expectations; let the recruiter determine if the offered salary aligns with your expectations, make it easier for them to do so without providing an exact figure.

secure an offer

Typically, you'll go through at least two interviews and a technical assessment. Your goal is to land an offer.

The first interview in the sequence should be the most relaxed. You'll meet your potential immediate colleagues.

their objectives are diverse:

  • Get to know you better:
    • Why are you considering leaving your current job?
    • Why are you interested in joining our team?
    • What are your values, strengths, and weaknesses?
  • Sell you on the company, the team, and the role:
    • This is a crucial moment for you to determine if you want to join the company or not.
    • Have at least one question for the interviewers. Refraining from asking questions can be perceived as a lack of interest!
  • Validate that you are minimally competent for the role.

your interview went well if:

  • Everyone smiled (bonus points if people laughed).
  • You adequately answered more than half of the technical questions.
  • The interview lasted the allocated time (or longer).
  • You feel like you would enjoy working with the interviewers.
  • You have a good understanding of the role and the company culture.
  • You receive prompt feedback from the recruiter inviting you to a second interview.

the offer

Receiving a job offer from the employer you interviewed with is your main target.

Once you have the offer in hand, you've met the challenge!

Will you accept it?

An offer rarely includes all the desired elements. Once you have received the offer, you know that everyone you met want you to join quickly. So, you have a certain leverage, and it's the right time to ask the employer to enhance their offer, whether in monetary terms or working conditions. Make it a point to ask for what you desire:

"Dear recruiter! I'm really happy to have received your offer and I want to accept it. But regarding the signing bonus, I believe I deserve to receive triple since..."

While remaining fair and respectful, ask for adjustments to the points that are deal-breakers for you. You are in a position of strength: the employer has invested hours in your application, and their hiring committee has deemed you the ideal candidate. In fact, seize this moment because it's when you hold the most power over this employer!

you win even if you decline the offer!

Turning down the job offer is also an option. Sure, you've invested several hours advocating for your candidacy. However, if the offer lacks essential elements for you or if you have doubts about a happy future with this employer, I recommend declining the offer and cutting your losses as early as possible.

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