Three kinds of Men

Saturday December 14th 2019 by SocraticDev

In the software world, we are sometimes trading cybersecurity, clean architecture and just basic good practice concerns to convenience. Sometimes rightly so …

But would you trade superior ideals like the quest of the good life for mere comfort and social status ?

What is Man ? What makes a Man worth its salt ?

Pythagoras was an early Greek philosopher, acquainted to the esoteric tradition transmitted to the Egyptians, expressed his anthropology thru this metaphor :

In this life, there are three kinds of men, just as there are three sorts of people who come to the Olympic Games. The lowest is made up of those who come to buy and sell, the next above are those who compete. Best of all, however, are those who come simply to look on. The greatest purification of all is, therefore, disinterested science, and it is the man who devotes himself to that, the true philosopher, who has most effectually released himself from the ‘wheel of birth’.