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lundi 15 juin 2020 by SocraticDev

Fuzzy logic is based on the theory of fuzzy sets developed by the mathematician and engineer Lotfi Aliasker Zadeh in 1965. Fuzzy logic…

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samedi 6 juin 2020 by SocraticDev

Programming in Python requires us to modify our conception of good programming practices. In enterprise-grade softwares, we aim for…

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dimanche 31 mai 2020 by SocraticDev

The labels FOSS and F/OSS ('Free and Open-Source Software' and 'Free / Libre and Open-Source Software') describe a development model for…

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lundi 18 mai 2020 by SocraticDev

The novel The Plague by Albert Camus was published in June 1947. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many readers have obtained a copy…

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dimanche 10 mai 2020 by SocraticDev

A "996" work schedule refers to an unofficial work schedule (9a.m. ~ 9p.m., 6 days a week) that has been gaining in popularity in China…

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