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mercredi 21 juillet 2021 by SocraticDev

A good file backup strategy is to keep a copy of the files on a different physical medium than the original as well as a copy of the same…

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jeudi 17 juin 2021 by SocraticDev

Professional software developers occupy a paradoxical position on the totem pole. We are both at the top ... and more often at the bottom…

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samedi 24 avril 2021 by SocraticDev

As time passes by, our hard drives fill up with a lot of files. As we are using various cloud storage providers like dropbox or oneDrive and…

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lundi 5 avril 2021 by SocraticDev

An important deal between Microsoft and the Pentagon validates the Augmented Reality (AR) importance for the future. It is a contract where…

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samedi 27 février 2021 by SocraticDev

Imagine entering an unfamiliar house and immediately you notice that a step is missing from the main staircase. You worry out loud about the…

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