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mercredi 16 septembre 2020 by SocraticDev

Youth always had its own private language. In my younger days, I remember moving to a new city and discovering kids my age used an array of…

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samedi 12 septembre 2020 by SocraticDev

Gift Culture, also known as Gift Economy, is a social exchange system adopted by some human societies when resources are in abundance. In…

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vendredi 4 septembre 2020 by SocraticDev

Current SocraticDev blog's website went live a little less than a year ago: on October 17, 2019. The blog previously benefited from free…

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samedi 22 août 2020 by SocraticDev

I find Rule 4 to be inspiring! CopyRules Copy engineering rules for programmers:D Rule 0: If you are copying a piece of code, copy whole of…

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dimanche 16 août 2020 by SocraticDev

SaltStack is a high-speed platform for provisioning and controlling distributed computing resources. Salt Cloud is a configuration…

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